An incredible assortment of New Your City based 3-D structures, individually lit for an amazing look! Unlike the cardboard u-build kits found elsewhere, each of these are fully constructed, sealed custom print overlayments on a theater grade underlayment. These free-standing buildings range in height from 4-ft to 18-ft tall!


Four separate scenes combine in CITY NIGHTS:

Downtown Buildings Set. For glitz and glamour there's the fast paced night life of Downtown - as seen on the right side of the picture above. This set includes eight fully constructed, wired and lit buildings up to 18-ft tall!

3-D Liberty Statue stands 12-ft 6-in tall x 5-ft 9in wide x 17-ft deep. Includes a Source-4 elliptical stage light for the high impact effect seen above.

George Washington Bridge Set. This lighted bridge makes a great entrance to the City Nights theme. Measuring 8-ft tall x 4-ft 5-in wide x 44-ft long.

Uptown Buildings Set: For laid-back lifestyle, there's uptown. As seen on the left side of the picture above, this set includes another eight fully constructed, wired and lit buildings up to 18-ft tall!


In addition CITY NIGHTS includes:

• Prom dance lighting package. Over $750 of robo-scan, laser, strobe and colored dance floods with sound activated control is included in this package.

• 80-ft of black pipe and drape. 30-ft of silver and gold metallic curtains that are 12-ft tall (over $500 value).

• One mirror ball, rotating motor and two pin spots to create a starfield effect ($73 value).

• Four working street lights ($216 value).


Set rental: $3,500.00.

Installation: U-Set $200 (6 volunteer one of our site managers); We-Set: $800.

(U-Set / We-Set must be the same for all items selected at event).


Recommended add-ons:

• Gobo projector with custom GOBO. U-Set $120; We-Set: $135.

• Big city photo-op backdrop with backdrop hanger. U-Set $150; We-Set: $165.

• James Bond gunbarrel with Big city photo-op. U-Set $250; We-Set: $275.

• James Bond free standing silhouettes (set of 5). U-Set $95; We-Set: $105.

• DJ sound system: U-Set $440; We-Set: $475 (DJ operator $35/hr).

• Video-karaoke & DJ sound syst: U-Set $665; We-Set: $725 (DJ op $35/hr).

• Giant ICE SCULPTURES 30"-L x 29"-H x 15"-D (~12 gallons); $238. Swan, Porpoise or Heart. Includes drip pan. Lighted base; $30.

• CHAMPAGNE FOUNTAIN. Silver, 5 gallons; $80.00.

• FROZEN DRINK / SLUSHIE MACHINE, 3-head; $160.00.

• Large stainless steel CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN, 4-tier, 25" T. Holds 6-lbs of chocolate; $178.00.