This POLICY-PAY is part of and attached to the EVENT ORDER between the PARTIES and is in addition to and
not in lieu of any other terms or conditions. Definitions of terms used herein are as provided in the T/C’s.




POLICY-PAY  Rev 071521


1. Send us your signed contract.

Amerevent offers the best PRICE/QUALITY combination in the region by automating tasks, keeping your costs lower. First, print and sign your contract. If you have a scanner, scan it to a .pdf or .jpg file. If you do not have a scanner, take a clear, complete picture of it with your cellphone. The picture must be well lit, taken from directly over the top, not have any fingers or other objects in it and not leave anything cut off (if any of these occur take another photo). Then, send the scan or photo to us:

UPLOAD YOUR CONTRACT at It's a simple drag & drop / explore & select 3rd party system that is encrypted & secure and you do not need an account or password to upload files to us.

A PHOTO OR SCAN of your  DRIVER'S LICENSE or (OTHER ID) is needed if you sign the rental contract, provide a checking account or provide a bank card to pay. If provided by different people, EACH must send a copy. DO NOT FORGET - it will hold up your contract and may allow another to rent items you want.

OR, EMAIL OR FAX YOUR CONTRACT. While not quite as secure you can fax your files to: 888-849-2882 toll-free or email them to .

2. Send us your payment.


Full payment is due upon contracting, but you may select OPTIONAL TIME PAYMENTS ("OTP") of 25% (minimum $250) due with your signed contract, another 50% of the Event Order ("EO") total due 60-days before your event and the balance (and any damage deposit) due 20-days before your event. Depending upon when you contract, you may owe more than one of these time payments at the start. Only one invoice is sent and no reminders are given but you agree payments will be automated using the accounts you provide so you do not become past due and default. You receive an email notice when a payment is taken. Because payments are digital, you authorize FACSIMILE AND DIGITAL SIGNATURES (“FDS”).



Instantly pay by secure WEBCHECK. Click the "PAY BY WEBCHECK" link in your invoice or CLICK HERE to use the secure Online Checkwriter system. BECAUSE OF REPORTS THAT THE "LOG IN TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT" option fails too often, we now recommend only using the MANUAL FILL-IN of your information.  When you are done and press "send", we receive a digital copy of your check that

is remote deposited at our bank. There is NO CHARGE to use this system and we only see THE SAME INFORMATION that is on a check you would send us by mail. You can also ask us to use this information to make any needed future payments for you so you do not have to. SEND US A COPY OF YOUR INVALIDATED CHECK (AS SHOWN HERE) so your information can be verified and you avoid a possible $35 return check fee.

CLICK HERE  for the secure web check system.

A copy of your I.D. is also needed. CLICK HERE for the template and instructions.

To upload your 2 FILES (signed contract and ID) to us by encrypted secure transfer, CLICK HERE.

WE CAN CREATE your WEBCHECK for you. (This helps prevent mistakes & return check fees!)

We can create your webcheck for you. Just send us a clear .pdf or .jpg scan or photo (your cellphone will work great) of an invalidated check (click HERE or the check to the right to see an example) and we will set this up for you. No information given us that is not already on any check payment. Email this to:  with your contract ID # or CLICK HERE  to upload it using encrypted secure transfer.


Pay by credit or debit BANKCARD. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card (sorry,  not AMEX or others).  A pre-filled CCAUTH (credit card authorization) form was at-

tached to the unsigned contract email we sent you. You can also CLICK HERE to download FORM CCAUTH. Complete, sign and return it with a clear .pdf or .jpg scan or photo (your cellphone will work great) of your I.D. using our secure upload system or Email them to: . Bankcards are used to purchase ECREDITS (similar to refillable gift cards) that are then automatically applied to your account balance. These requirements help prevent fraud because we do not get to see you in person and scan your card. A 3% Processor Fee is added to any transaction - both debits and credits (refunds), except security deposit holds. (To avoid fees use one of other methods.)


A copy of your I.D. is also needed. CLICK HERE for the template and instructions.

To upload your FILES (signed contract, bankcard authorization check, ID photo & bankcard front
and back photos) to us by encrypted secure transfer, CLICK HERE.

Pay by deposit at a PNC BANK BRANCH. You can deposit directly into our special receiving account at local branch of PNC Bank (email  to request the special deposit slip). This is a secure, fast means of making a payment, especially for last minute events. If less than 20-days before your event, it's guaranteed funds only (cash, certified check or direct account to account transfer).


Pay by USPO MAILED CHECK or check delivered by carrier. Mailed or checks delivered to our Accounting Office are accepted (see the invoice you receive after you submit your contract for the complete address). A $5 per check fee applies because it cannot be automated and each payment

must be processed and entered into your account by hand. It is also the slowest method --- payments must be received by the due date or late fees may apply. You may send payments directly to our bookkeeping office (CLICK HERE for the bookkeeping address).

DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS by any method requiring a signature or someone to be present for delivery! Our hours do not match the Post Office's or Delivery Services! The $10 manual check processing fee applies if done.

If less than 20-days remains before delivery of your order, a credit card must be placed on file to guarantee your payment clears or a payment made using secure funds or direct bank deposit. To make a future payment, you simply email accounting and they will use the WEBCHECK information you send last time to create a new payment for you or you can pre-date a USPO MAILED CHECK or CARRIER DELIVERED CHECK and send it now. It will be cashed on or after the correct date. (Make sure you have funds available then to cover the check!)

A copy of your I.D. is also needed. CLICK HERE for the template and instructions.

CLICK HERE for the bookkeeping address to mail payments.




YOU MUST INCLUDE a copy of an acceptable I.D. If you sign the rental contract, provide a checking account or provide a bank card for payment, you MUST PROVIDE a current copy of your STATE DRIVER'S LICENSE, MILITARY I.D. or PASSPORT. Upload a clear .pdf or .jpg scan or photo (your cellphone will work great) of your I.D. using our secure upload system or Email it to: . If different people provide any one of these, each must provide an I.D.



UPLOAD OR SCAN your files and photos to Amerevent. Save all your files as full color photos or as full-color .pdf scans or .jpg photos. This must include 3 files: (1) your signed contract, (2) your payment forms and (3) a copy of your I.D.  Upload your files using our secure  256-bit encrypted  file transfer system at It is a simple drag and drop / explore and select system and

and you do not need an account or password to upload files to us. Also, while not as secure, you can always fax your files to: 888-849-2882 toll-free or email them to . Once received and scheduled, you will receive a confirmation number and invoice and can visit your account online anytime.


UPLOAD OR SCAN your signed contract if you have not already done so. Print off your entire Event Order ("EO") and sign it in the "EVENT ORDER AGREEMENT ("EO") SIGNATURE" area on the  "SIGNATURE (ACTUAL)" line.  Then, like you did above, take a full color photo or make a full-color .pdf scan of your entire EO contract. If you have a .pdf program that allows you to digitally sign your .pdf files, that also can be done. Upload the entire contract with any other payment files or by itself (doesn't matter) to While not as secure, you can always fax your files to: 888-849-2882 toll-free or email them to .



Additional Info: Other contract requirements about PAYMENTS:

PRE-DEFAULT TRANSFERS and AUTHORIZATION OF PAYMENT SOURCES USE. In consideration of AEG’s allowing you to make interest free OPTIONAL TIME PAYMENTS (“OTP”), you agrees to and authorizes our use any bank account, checking account, BANKCARD or other payment means you supply us to make any payment due on your contract including ADDS, when it becomes due without any further notice or approval. These payments are to be considered automatic and will occur before your contract defaults or late fees are incurred. They are called a PRE-DEFAULT TRANSFER. You agrees this authorization is not revokable or cancellable for the term of the contract. You will receive a notice when a payment is done, but you also agree to  maintain sufficient funding in your accounts so that anything owed can be immediately paid without insufficiency (or bouncing). The $50 return payment fee, late fees and possibly default fees apply if payments bounce.  But free no-interest time payments are nice just plan to keep the right amount of money in your account at the right time.

A $35 RETURNED PAYMENT fee occurs if your bank refuses your payment. This can be any simple typo or error. Send us a copy of your INVALIDATED CHECK (as shown HERE) so we can verify your information.  We do not want you to have to pay a $35 fee,  but have no control

over bank fees so we'll help you avoid it when possible if we have the information needed. You can upload it with your signed contract or email it to (include your account ID#).

A $35 return payment fee applies to any payment that your bank does not clear. This can be for any reason and is not refundable, so make sure the correct information is given and you always maintain the needed funds in your account.

A $10 manual processing fee applies to a MOBILECHECK or WEBCHECK that has been incorrectly submitted and cannot be automatically processed. This is easily avoided by using the instructions given with each option. This fee also applies to payments (other than by BANKCARD) that are made less than 20-days before the RENTAL START DATE.

A $5 fee applies to any check that must be manually deposited or created (like for an account balance refund). Automated methods are FREE.

FACSIMILE AND DIGITAL SIGNATURES (“FDS”). The SIGNOR, RENTER and any person providing account information authorize use of FDS on all documents and payments required in and/or for the EO and agree such shall be considered equal to a handwritten signature and fully binding. A copy of their driver’s license, passport or military ID shall be providing to AEG by any person whose signature is required as proof of identity, however, the lack of such shall not change the authorization herein granted.

OVERPAID YOUR ACCOUNT? All payments you send are immediately deposited into your account. We do not know your thinking but if you deposit more than you had to my mistake, you can request a credit balance refund by sending the form at (this is a contract requirement). Checks are processed on the 20th of the month, so you may just want to wait until after your event to get it back with your refundable damage deposit. A $5 charge applies to any of these manually issued checks.


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