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AMEREVENT is serious that we offer you MORE SELECTION, MORE SERVICE and the BEST PRICE anywhere! Not all vendors bid the same items, quality or quantity ---- so if you think another has given you a better deal, let us show you the differences FREE so you can decide what really is best for your event. We'll give you our industry best 100% + 20% +10% PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! You'll love winning!

You'll receive a 100% PRICE MATCH (the best price of any of the quotes you have) PLUS ANOTHER 20% of the difference in CASH OFF, PLUS ANOTHER 10% of the difference in FREE REWARDS!  Just send any local competitive quote to: .


At AMEREVENT you'll find everything for events in ONE location. MORE SELECTION, MORE SERVICE and BEST PRICE is GUARANTEED!


PRICE MATCH is by FULL EVENT ORDER (bottom line) only, including any labor, delivery, shipping, taxes, permits, etc. Line-item PRICE MATCH is NOT offered or available. We GUARANTEE the lowest price on your event (not individual items). PRICE MATCH must meet order, delivery and mileage minimums.  (Below minimum orders are not possible.)

FREE REWARDS are items added after price matching and not for any item included in the PRICE MATCH.

PRICE MATCH is for equivalent items but do not need to be identical. Equivalency is determined by grade, price, size, category and typical use. Accessories, add-ons, features may differ. Non-equivalent items can not be PRICE MATCHED (another vendors low-end equipment cannot be matched to our higher grade items, but we may be able to match to equivalent grade items).

A competitive quote must be submitted for PRICE MATCH.  A competitive quote must be from an operating full-time, registered business within a 50-mile radius of any AMEREVENT warehouse. Website pricing, brochures or other than an actual quote or contract with delivery and setup included can not be considered.

Price match quotes will be verified. Verbal or competitive quotes not on a standard vendor quote sheet or quotes from other than a full-time, continuously operating registered business cannot be considered. Verification and acceptance is solely at AMEREVENT's discretion.

Competitive quotes submitted with different size, quality or quantity of items may be PRICE MATCHed to equivalent items at AMEREVENT's option. Lesser quality items may not be available for PRICE MATCH. Depending upon availability, AMEREVENT may choose to match with a larger or smaller item of a differing quality and higher or lower cost or AMEREVENT may choose not to match.

Items not specifically quoted on your competitive quote ARE NOT included. Examples: If not specified the following would not be included: labor for setup and takedown, delivery, linens, anchors, fuel, power, power distribution, lighting, sidewalls or any accessories. Have your quote modified to include any items or services you would like PRICE MATCHED.

PRICE MATCH is not applicable to any quote that: (1) already give special considerations or donations, (2) are deemed unsafe or inappropriate for its intended use, (3) do not fully meet regulatory requirements, licensing or code, (4) do not include liability or workmen's compensation insurance, or (5) does not follow the SAFE EQUIPMENT USE POLICY.

PRICE MATCH depends upon availability. PRICE MATCH is not possible for items that are not in local inventory,  that are out of service or that are already reserved by others.

Homemade quotes, altered or comparison sheets cannot be PRICE MATCHED. The PARTIES agree dishonesty in submissions voids PRICE MATCH and any contract shall be revised to standard, undisounted rates with any monies paid applied to the revised contract. Cancellations shall be by Form -CC.

PRICE MATCH plus 20%, 100% + 20% or 120% means: (1) the cost difference between the to quotes is determined on an equal basis. If the competitive quote is determined to be of lower cost, 120% of the difference between the quotes is given as an adjustment to AMEREVENT's rental total. No other upgrades, bonuses, adjustments or discounts apply to PRICE MATCH quotes.

PRICE MATCH is not available on quotes less than 20-days from the event or event setup date (whichever is sooner). Expedited and "BEST EFFORTS ONLY" pricing applies in such cases.

PRICE MATCH and bonus offer is at the sole discretion of AMEREVENT and may be altered, limited or removed at any time. AMEREVENT reserves the right to refuse service to anyone with or without cause or reason. No employee or agent of AMEREVENT may alter or amend this PRICE MATCH policy without written approval of Corporate Authority and no claim to the contrary shall be valid.

PRICE MATCH has no cash value and never applies to rentals made with another supplier for any reason. PRICE MATCH must be determined and made part of AMEREVENT event order and can not be requested after a contract is signed and confirmed.

Minimums remain in effect. Please see the online quote request for details.


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Over 60,000 event rental items available. Appearances can differ, view each item and approve at your local warehouse to assure your needs are met. Photos show Grade A Select, the highest cost option. The lower the grade, the lower the cost but with more defects. See the items grading pages for additional details. Pricing subject to change without notice and will change with market conditions. Website pricing is for estimating only, actual pricing by current quote only. RESERVE EARLY! Orders subject to minimums. AMEREVENT® is the registered trademark of American Event Group, Inc. and © American Event Group, Inc., all rights reserved 2019-2024. Copyright applies to all webpage contents, pricing and documents and may not be used in any media without its expressed written consent.