One of the most impactful and least expensive opportunities to create a unique atmosphere is lighting. Bridge the gap between the venue and your special decor to create a seamless ambience.  Simply changing lighting and adding drapes can transform an average event space into an elegant, formal room.


Waterfall Fairy Lights come in 10-ft tall automatic twinkle mode drape lights and 30-in tall battery operated mini-lights for table skirting to enhance your head table or any area of your event. Creates a stunning effect!.


Gobo projectors allow you to project your custom, full-color design onto your event's floor, dance floor, wall or ceiling. For full information visit:


Up-Lighting provides an opportunity to add single or multiple colors to your drapes without the additional cost of custom color drapes. White drape often used as base color. Low temperature 10W LED up-light fixtures (equivalent to a 150W floodlight) are typically placed at 10-ft intervals to project light and color onto your pipe and drape package.



Hand held remote controls change the color of the LED floodlight up-light fixture to project the color light wanted.


 01 Light Amber

 10 Medium Yellow

 15 Deep Straw

 23 Orange

 19 Fire Red

 43 Deep Pink

 4790 Magenta

 49 Medium Purple

 57 Lavender

 377 Iris Purple

 2007 Blue
 4490 Green

 395 Teal Green


Over 60,000 event rental items available. Appearances can differ, view at your local warehouse to assure your needs are met.
Pricing subject to change without notice. RESERVE EARLY! Orders subject to minimums. Copyrights apply to noticed and
registered graphics.  Unlicensed trademarks may not be used in regards to any event using props and decor.