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Sizing is as given in the ROTOSTAGE INFORMATION & CAPACITIES table on All dimensions are +/-5%, no exact measurement is given or guaranteed and the RENTER is responsible for taking exact measurements as needed to meet their needs. The RENTER shall have the ROTOSTAGE installed prior to building any adjacent structures so that their exact needs are known and build accordingly.


Sizing is as given in the ROTOSTAGE INFORMATION & CAPACITIES table on Live loads on rental rotating staging (“ROTOSTAGE MAX LOAD RATING”) shall not exceed the lesser of: 20-lbs per square foot of ROTOSTAGE or the drive motor load rating. Staging load rating is based upon evenly distributed load. The USER is responsible for assuring load spreaders are in place if an uneven, compact, or footed load is to be placed on staging.

ROTOSTAGE loads are based upon evenly distributed load and a load that correctly follows the direction of  stage undercarriage supports. When rotating a vehicle or piece of machinery that has a width or length less than 75% that of the rotostage, the maximum load must be adjusted as follows: ROTOSTAGE MAX LOAD RATING x (LOAD SF/ROTOSTAGE SF) x 125%. Approved load spreaders may be added to increase capacity by distributing weight. Loading of items that cannot be hand carried into position must be done using an approved lifting device or approved ramp system.

Loads placed in the center of the rotostage are to be placed on dollies, carts, wheels or another easily movable method so that the central core and motor access can be quickly opened for maintenance. Maintenance is required after each 12-hours of ROTOSTAGE operation.

LOAD MUST BE EVENLY DISTRIBUTED OR A LOAD PLATE OR SPREADER BARS MAY BE REQUIRED. The USER must provide full information and specs of what will be placed on the rotostage, including dimensions and base load point locations if the load exceeds 50% of the rated maximum for the area of the rotostage carrying the load. USER is responsible for any damages.


ROTOSTAGE has a maximum use cycle of 8-hours per day, although the unit may be used up to 12-hours per day without additional charge but with no warranty and with USER responsible for performing and recording all maintenance required and for any damages that otherwise occur. Use cycle is cumulative over the entire period of rental, i.e.: if used 12 hours one day, only 4 hours is warrantied on the next. ROTOSTAGE use during setup and takedown periods that exceeds 1-hr counts against the period of contracted use. Use over 12-hours per day is subject to a pro-rata rental fee per hour or part thereof.

POWER. The 1-HP or 1.5-HP drive motor units can be wired to operate on 120VAC at 10A (1-HP) or 15A (1.5-HP). They can also operate on 240 VAC at 5A (1-HP) or 8A (1.5-HP). Wiring must be done in the factory. The 2-HP variable speed drive operates on 240 VAC at 10A. A 120 VAC to 240VAC adapter system is available that can combine two separate 120VAC legs into 240VAC. This must be ordered separately. All 120VAC plugs are standard edision type plugs (NEMA 5-15). All other plugs are specialty locking units correct for the system. A lighted plug is attached to the motor on 120VAC installations to show power is active and available. If no light is observed check your extension cords, socket plug-in and circuit breaker. If the wrong gauge extension cord has been used, the cord has likely faulted.

EXTENSION CORDS. You MUST provide 120VAC power feed cords. Lighted ends are recommended to quickly identify that power is active and available. If over 50-ft long, extension cords  must be 10-ga. Under 50-ft they may be 10-ga or 12-ga. DO NOT USE 14-ga or thinner power cords, voltage drop can damage the system.


Standard maintenance and inspection is required after each 12-hours of ROTOSTAGE operation. Unless USER has paid for onsite maintenance, USER is responsible for maintenance. Unless USER has paid for onsite or telephone support, USER must have a knowledgeable person who fully understands gear drive motors and systems on site who is capable of immediately troubleshooting and correcting any issue. Standard maintenance and inspection includes: assuring proper lubrication of gears and gear boxes, adjusting motor leveling bolts, tightening hold downs, tightening set screws, resetting and securing shaft keys, checking coupler linkage, assuring proper inflation of pneumatic tires, tightening stage deck screws, reattaching loosened skirting.


While AEG’s no-fault warranty applies to any use where good-faith estimates of load occurred, where AEG’s specs are followed and when standard maintenance and inspection has been performed, no other guarantee or warranty is given and only the contract REDO provisions apply and only for any period of warrantied use that equipment was not functional.



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