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POLICY-INSURANCE is the contract's requirements for insurance that you agree to when signing. Click HERE to see POLICY-INSURANCE. POLICY-INSURANCE dominates over any explanation below should any difference be noted.

LIABILITY INSURANCE (CGLI).  All events have some risk of danger and loss. While good practice can reduce incidents, it makes sense to have insurance to cover any liabilities that might possibly arise. Amerevent and all of its operations are covered by a $1MM incident/$2MM aggregate general liability policy, a full workmen's compensation insurance policy and a vehicle liability policy. This helps protect clients from claims in many directions. DO IT YOURSELF CERTIFICATE:  Click HERE to download Amerevent's CGLI Certificate. ASSISTED CERTIFICATE:  Your account manager can email you a copy of this certificate. A $10 documentation fee applies.

YOU MUST HAVE $1MM CGLI insurance on your event with no more than a $5000 deductible. The RENTER (customer) is responsible for any deductible and is solely responsible for what happens at their event. Amerevent's insurance does not cover the renter unless you are added as an "additional insured" and pay the underwriting fees. See: "ADDITIONAL INSURED FEE" below.

WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE. Workers employed by Amerevent are covered by Workmen's Compensation at the State required levels or greater, should any jobsite injury occur. This helps protects Amerevent, ESITE owners, and RENTERs from claims should a workplace accident or injury occur. WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE is regulated by state law and cannot be subrogated or a non-employer added as an additional insured. ASSISTED CERTIFICATE:  Your account manager can email you a copy of Amerevent's current WC policy. A $25 documentation fee applies.

VEHICLE INSURANCE.  Vehicles owned or leased by AEG are covered by $1 million Commercial Vehicle Insurance should any vehicle mishap occur. This helps protects Amerevent, ESITE owners, and RENTERs from claims. DO IT YOURSELF CERTIFICATE: DOWNLOAD: Click the link in POLICY-INSURANCE  to download a copy of Amerevent's Vehicle Insurance certificate. ASSISTED CERTIFICATE:  Your account manager can email you a copy of this certificate, but remember s $25 documentation fee applies.

MRSCP. MECHANICAL RIDES are motor driven conveyances such as carnival rides, Ferris wheels, carrousels, mechanical bulls, tracked and trackless trains and people movers. Devices that are simply motorized blower inflated or not a continually motor driven conveyance, such as bounce houses, inflatables, rockwalls and euro-bungees are typically not considered MECHANICAL RIDES. MECHANICAL RIDES are not provided by AEG and the PARTIES agree AEG’s recommendation of affiliated or other MECHANICAL RIDE providers is as a courtesy only and shall in no way assign or transfer liability to AEG if any liability should occur. In all cases the RENTER will maintain the insurance necessary and pays any costs, deductibles and fees required. The AEG provides a $5000 MRSCP (mechanical ride supplemental-self coverage plan) and in all cases its liability is limited to that amount with the RENTER responsible for the first $5,000 and any overages.

SUBROGATION, PRIMARY OR NON-CONTRIBUTORY CONDITIONS. No AEG insurance may be designated subrogated, primary or non-contributory to the RENTER’s. The RENTER’s insurance is always used first.

ADDITIONAL INSURED FEE. All RENTERs and SITE OWNERs must carry $1 million per incident in liability insurance for their events. Many underwriters do not cover events, when this occurs you and the site owner must become an ADDITIONAL INSURED on Amerevent’s policy. This provides you $1 million per incident, $2 million aggregate CGLI liability insurance against claims and defense costs with a $5,000 deductible within the policy limits (less excluded and excess claims or costs). Allow AT LEAST one week for the underwriter to add you to the policy. One or two names (organizations) may be added at the same time for the $40 annual listing fee (a separate fee applies for each 1 or 2 names added at the same time). If you have not already paid for this, it will be billed and must be paid prior to coverage taking effect. The additional insured is responsible for the $5,000 deductible, excluded claims and excess claims. Ask your account manager if you wish to have ADDITIONAL INSURED protection.

EVENT INSURANCE REQUIRED OF RENTER. The RENTER shall have ALL RISK liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence for event liability and $350,000 for loss of event property, equipment, services and labor (PSL), subrogated to AEG. ALL RISK shall mean insurance covering any liability that may occur at RENTER’s EVENT, to RENTER’s PARTICIPANTS or on RENTER’s EVENT SITE, including coverage for any cost, repair or replacement of AEG PSL damaged, lost, stolen or otherwise used without all costs being covered. This insurance is to cover any reimbursement wanted by RENTER should RENTER cancel their event contract for any reason, including weather, disease or lack of attendance. Such insurance often be obtained through a homeowner or general liability carrier. If not available, RENTER shall become an additional insured (“ADDINS”) on AEG’s CGLI and MRSCP by paying the current ADDINS fee. If all risks coverage for PSL is not available, RENTER shall purchase the CDW WAIVER and be responsible for all deductibles and non-covered amounts. Unless RENTER is an additional insured, AEG’s insurance shall not be available to RENTER and will not protect RENTER or its PARTICIPANTS if a liability occurs. In all instances, the RENTER and/or PARTICIPANT, not AEG, pays all deductibles, excluded claims or costs and the first $2,500 of any costs remaining. If RENTER has not purchased the CDW WAIVER, RENTER shall solely be responsible for replacement or repair costs of all loss as determined by AEG the cost of which shall not exceed 12-X DAYRATE. The PARTIES agree no cost under 12-X DAYRATE shall be challengeable or reviewable.

EVENT CANCELLATION, DAMAGE AND WEATHER ("CDW") WAIVER.  The CDW WAIVER is a limited wavier to help protect against cost, loss and damages to AEG equipment and services for weather or any reason except intentional abuse, negligence or default and also limits costs should the event contract need to be cancelled. The waiver is not liability insurance and does not protect the assets of or against the injury to others. It is provided directly by AEG and must be purchased 45-days or more before the EVENT DATE (except by consent).

The CANCELLATION portion provides protection against event cancellation for any reason prior prior to 72-hours before the TURN-OVER TIME shown on your contract. Custom items, insurance and wavier costs, purchases and delivered items are excluded and not refundable, but by purchasing the waiver cancellation costs are capped at 20%. No reason is required for cancellation when the waiver is in effect.

The DAMAGE and WEATHER portions protect against loss and damages to AEG equipment while in use.  It waives portions of the costs associated with damage, theft and loss to AEG equipment during RENTER’s rental. Because equipment replacement costs are up to 12-times the daily rental, purchase of the waiver is recommended, but optional. By purchasing the waiver, loss and damages are capped at 20% of repair or replacement costs.

WIthout the CDW WAIVER: RENTER is solely responsible for all costs to AEG assets for any reason, including but not limited to: weather, theft, vandalism, misuse, act of God, disease and emergency.  RENTER is always responsible for returning PROPERTY in same condition as delivered regardless of use, delay, additional use or any other reason. RENTER's account must be timely paid to use the waiver and the waiver shall be void in case of RENTER DEFAULT. There is no coverage: (a) on any RENTER PROPERTY used in, with or on AEG's PROPERTY; (b) on ESITE or PARTICIPANTS and (c) on or for consequential, subsequent or liability damages. Claims must be submitted in writing within 20 days of occurrence.

WEATHER RESET COST WAIVER covers the cost to reset equipment if damaged by weather after a $1.50 per mile portal to portal cost is paid. Without this waiver, RENTER is responsible for all costs, including overtime, for emergency response and the resetting of equipment knocked down or damaged by weather.

SELECT EVENT SERVICE provides pre-selection of only the best items in inventory with special cleaning, touch-up and detailing so the best possible presentation, as close as possible to new, is made. Normal rental inventory is maintained in good condition, however, it is used and only the viewable end product is typically considered.

A PRE-EVENT SITE INSPECTION VISIT provides assistance to determine the specific needs of your event site. This is important when landscaping, level, available space, utilities and other conditions may impact potential use. Seeing the actual site can also give designers the opportunity to imagine everything possible for it. A PRE-ORDER SS REVIEW assists in determining the structural and safety needs for an event. This is important when special or prolonged use is anticipated.

RELEASE WAIVERS. EXCLUDED CLAIMS include those for which the RENTER or injured party is determined responsible such as intentional dangerous acts, willful misconduct and acts not in compliance with safe use policy or posted signage. We recommend a RELEASE SIGN be posted at all entrances and a RELEASE WAIVER be signed by all participants of ride, game, cooking and higher risk activities. Excess claims would be those exceeding policy limits. Policy limits are set high so that excess claims are not a significant possibility.

EXCLUDED CLAIMS. The RENTER and or PARTICIPANT shall be solely responsible for all liabilities, damages, injuries and costs of any claim for which the RENTER or injured party: (1) is performing or participating in any intentional dangerous acts; (2) is performing or participating in willful and/or unsafe acts or misconduct including conduct while intoxicated. The consumption of any intoxicating substance within 1 hour of the claim incident shall be deemed unsafe and intentionally dangerous use; and (3) is performing or participating in acts not in compliance with safe use policy or posted signage..

DON'T TRUST YOURSELF TO AN UNINSURED OPERATOR. There are many "hobby" or part-time operators in the event business. True they have a passion for what they do and love being part of it. But often you are left totally exposed should an accident occur or should one of their staff be injured on your site. DON'T RISK YOUR BUSINESS or YOUR LIVELIHOOD because general liability or workmen's comp is not provided.

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