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We understand what using our equipment inventory can mean for an event. Because we make events happen, we do receive hundreds of requests for donations each year - far more than a normal business. Unfortunately the entertainment business is highly competitive and profit margins do not allow us to donate to everyone.  However most

CURRENT GRANT APPROVAL CYCLE is 30-45 DAYS. Please submit your request in plenty of time to be considered for funding.

qualified requests do receive matching funding. Donations can only be made to qualified tax exempt organization for events where Amerevent is the primary production company. These grants can offset only a portion of costs and Amerevent cannot be the majority contributor or appear to own or control the event.

BELOW MUST BE MET. Requests outside these requirements cannot be granted.

Grants and donations are available to events that meet the requirements for building church, family or community may qualify for matching grants on a 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4 matching basis depending upon how the Foundation grant committee evaluates a proposal. Funds are given in the form of Grants and applied to rental costs of an event. Events with under $750 in rentals are not eligible. Labor, supplies, delivery, custom items, sub-contracts and other hard costs or allowances are excluded from the sponsorship calculation. Availability of funds, minimums and/or funding ratios can change at any time.

Funds may ONLY be given to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, government agencies, churches and accredited schools that have federal tax exempt status. Those working on behalf of such organizations, but who are not actually the organization itself or who are not authorized to use the organizations tax exempt status are not eligible. Political organizations or campaigns are not eligible. An organization's 501(c)3 or other tax-exempt status documentation must be provided prior to the event or the grant is void.

Grants can only be awarded to organizations that actually need the funding. Please allow those organizations that are in need the first opportunities - requests always exceed available funds. Already contracted events can not be considered if the grant would reduce the contract total, however, they may request additional items to improve their event. (There is no guarantee of any grant award.)

The sponsored organization is responsible for all costs of delivery, setup, operation and takedown of the sponsored portion of an event. Such is not included unless specifically detailed in the event contract.

Grants are made on a case-by-case basis. Sponsored events must benefit family, community or church outreach. Private events are generally excluded from consideration, but depend upon outreach and benefit. There is no assurance of sponsorship availability or percentage of rental costs covered, prior to review and grant. Grants for greater than the maximum levels indicated are not possible.

Grants ARE NOT "In-Kind" donations, they are cash contributions in your name and must be acknowledged as such. Grants are not discounts or package deals and are at the sole discretion of donor. Donor may add to, deduct from or withdraw completely a grant at any time.

Items provided all or in part by grant funds have a zero cost basis to you are not guaranteed or refundable in any form. Such items are dependant upon availability the day of the event and may be substituted or removed from the equipment list at donor's discretion. While this seldom occurs, grants are not binding and can be withdrawn at any time.

If you are eligible, please CLICK HERE and submit the grant. You will need your quote ID# from Amerevent. The grant will replace any discounts or other adjustments offered and if you reduce the scope of your event after receiving a grant the grant may be withdrawn entirely or a minimum $1 reduction in grant will occur for each $2 in reduction scope. Grants must be accepted by contracting your event within 20 days or may be offered to another.

DO NOT accept a grant if you do not agree with all these terms or if you are unable to repay the grant should you later not meet the grant publications as listed HERE.

Please CLICK HERE to complete and submit the grant form.

Please CLICK HERE for the sponsorship publication requirements.

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