Effective August 12, 2021; Previous offers now void.

To help reduce your unknowns and stress over any upcoming event through mid-year, Amerevent has modified its postponement policy to allow alternative date exchanges for events originally scheduled through the end of October 2021. These events may be postponed up to 1-year if necessary. If your equipment needs change because of Covid, you may change the date and the items rented for a $100 postponement if more than 30-days before your contracted event start date or $150 if under 30-days, plus costs already incurred (if any). Second postponements are allowed on mutual consent, but will depend upon CDC guidance and date availability. Postponement fees apply each time a postponement occurs. You may change the equipment rented from local available inventory, however, standard cancellation fees apply if the Event Order total decreases. Standard cancellation fees are 80%-100% after the original contract's date. Payments on your original contract must be kept current, they are not delayed by postponing. Please check with your account manager before rescheduling to assure the date you want is available. Dates are on an "if available" basis and BEST EFFORTS apply.

For cancellations, cancel fees are capped at 35% plus costs already incurred (custom items or work already completed) with a $200 minimum. A future event ECREDIT is issued for any remaining balance and be useable for 1 year. Standard cancellation policy Policy-CC applies to events that are postponed then later cancelled, with a future event credit issued for any remaining balance. Already incurred costs and fees (cancellation, postponement, insurance, booking, etc.) are not refundable and not included in an eCredit. These special "Cancellations due to Covid" terms are only applicable if a government policy is in effect that requires the cancellation.

To postpone (or cancel) your event complete Form-CC (contract requirement, CLICK HERE). In the "PLACE LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS BELOW" section, include: "Postponed per special CV19 policy". NOTE: If you move a non-peak season event to peak season (Sept 1 - Nov 15), peak season pricing will apply to your event (typically 10-15% additional). Updated costs are automatically calculated by our quote system.

For cash refunds or events after the end of September, our CDW waiver event insurance now also covers coronavirus cancellations but must be purchased 30-days or more in advance. The underwriter may accept or deny any application. CDW insurance caps cancel fees at 20% (plus costs of any custom items or work already completed). A CASHOUT is also available for any ECREDIT received.  The CDW waiver cost is given at the bottom of your contract's line item page.


This special POLICY-CV19 (coronavirus) does not apply to contracts in default, past due or otherwise in violation of agreement terms. Fees apply to each postponement or cancellation of a contract including all earlier ones. USER's objection to or rebuff of these special terms shall be a refusal and voids their application. The offer of these special terms is not a contract revision, does not bind AEG to them and may be changed or removed by AEG at any time. These special terms apply to only the first postponement per contract. Subsequent postponements are at AEG's option and will include updating pricing to that in effect on the new event date.  USER's agreed they would secure all-risks insurance to protect them from unknowns such as disease. This should be used instead of multiple postponements. However AEG will only withdraw these special terms once granted if a USER defaults or refuses to abide by the special terms and requirements in this POLICY-CV19.  

So now, you have Amerevent’s 120% BEST GUARANTEE and you can be WORRY-FREE about what to do if something unexpected happens. With 6-times the inventory of others, more locations and more staff than others --- you can TRUST what you want to be available, right and ready when you need it.

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