Click the photo output layout below to view the full size (1200x1800) version. Copy the full size version of the .jpg below into your photo editor and replace the bottom footer with any photos, text and logos wanted (copyrighted works may not be used without permission). Do not go outside the shaded area, it will not print. Be sure to delete all of the shading and printing you do not want to include in your outputs.

Save your work as a maximum quality .jpg and name it background.jpg. Load it onto your do-it-yourself thumbdrive or email it to your account manager at least 10-days before your event so it can be loaded onto your photo booth's drive. Order a pre-configured thumbdrive or do-it-yourself - but remember it must have the needed configuration and contain the necessary files or your photo booth will not work correctly or save your guests photos. Click HERE for instructions.

Want us to build the footer for you? Just send us the graphics, logo and/or text you want to use. We'll build the custom footer for you (just $20, plus $10 for revisions). Note: artwork must be provided and not copyrighted.