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Large Electronic Gamepak

Electronic Basketball Shootout

Dual Elec Basketball Shootout

6-player Electronic Dartboard

Electronic Football Toss


Large Carnival GamePak
3 paks available

Each set of these games can be operated by 1 person (2+ recommended)

PAK #1:
PAK #2:
PAK #3:

Crazy Dots | Tic Tac Toe | Shockwave | Krazy Ball Top 
Colors | Numbers | Ring Toss | Lightning Strikes |
Flying Disc Golf |  Say AHHH Golf | Plinko | Block Island

Game selection may vary depending upon availability. All games are shown above.


Basic Gamepaks - each with 6 great skill games for people of all ages!
Games may vary depending upon availability but will be equivalent or better in size and quality.
More information and pictures follow the table below:


Pre-Teen Gamepak
Carnival Games

1| Jungle Bean-Bag Toss
1| Target Toss game
1| Octopus Bean-Bag Toss
1| Roll-To-Score game
1| Duck Pond game
1| Whale Toss game


Standard Gamepak #1

Carnival Games

1| Hucklebuck2 game
1| Tic-Tac-Toss
1| 6-player Washer Toss
1| Ring Toss game
1| 7 & 11 game
Baseball Bean-Bag toss


Standard Gamepak #2

Carnival Games

1| Tic-Tac-Toss
1| Color Toss game
1| Bocce Ball set
1| Patriotic Bean-Bag Toss
1| Milk Bottle Knock Down
Leap-4-the-Lord Sack Race


Field/Lawn Gamepak #3

1| Championship Bocce Ball set
1| Washer Toss games - 6 players
1| Championship Badminton/Volleyball Set
1| Bola Toss / Ladder Golf Set - 4 players
1| Croquet Set - 6 players
1| Champ. Hammer Finish Metal Horseshoe Set


Large Electronic Gamepak
(2 available)
Booths w/sidewalls available!

1| Single Electronic Basketball Shootout
1| DUAL Electronic Basketball Shootout
1| Electronic Quarterback Toss
1| Electronic Dartboard - 6 PLAYERS!

Pre-Teen Gamepak

Jungle Bean Bag Toss

Target Toss

Octopus Bean Bag Toss

Whale Toss Game

Roll-To Score Game

Duck Pond Game

Standard Gamepak #1 - Carnival/Field Games



6-Player Washer Toss

Ring Toss game

7 & 11 Game

Baseball Bean Bag Toss

Standard Gamepak #2 - Carnival/Field Games


Color Toss Game

Bocce Ball

Patriotic Bean Bag Toss

Milk Bottle Knock Down

Leap-4-the-Lord Sack Race

Field/Lawn Gamepak #3 - Outdoor Games

Championship Bocce Ball set

6-Player Washer Toss

Badminton / Volleyball Set

Bola Toss / Ladder Golf Set

Croquet Set - 6 players

Championship Hammer Metal Finish Horseshoe Set


Dual Spin-Art Machine

Note: This activity rating has been lowered from Class "B" to Class "C" due to its age. An additional 20% discount is automatically applied when you request to use it. Everything still works well, however, its appearance shows use. No warranty or onsite EarthTraces staff assistance can be provided. The photos above are of single units, the unit provided is a double spin machine. Initial paints and supplies for 50 projects are Included!


Cactus Catch

Cactus Catch. New flair on the well-known ring toss. Two beautifully molded cactus plants with 6 loss rings. The higher the arm, the more difficult the toss. Can be done as 1-point for the left, 2-points for the right and 5-points for the middle arm, or just ring one and win!


GCF6     GCF12

6 or 12 Player Catfish Heaven
For ages 3 and above.

With fins that flop and a mouth that snaps, these cool fish wiggles as if it were really alive! This game provides all the fun of real fishing, without the mess. Just put the fish in water, place the bait on the hook and wait for the fish to bite. Once caught, this battery-powered swimming fish goes into realistic flopping action! The working rod and reel allow kids to haul in their catch, or pull the trigger to release the line. A magnet in the mouth allows the fish to catch the "bait" of either a magnetic worm or tadpole.

This makes a great prize game - each fish is coded so you can give out first (10%), second (20%) or third (70%) place prizes. Hand out a price for each "live catch" within 60-seconds!

Fish measures approx. 7" long. Waterproof, battery-powered swimming toy fish is made of high grade plastic. NEW LARGER 6-PLAYER GAME!! Game now includes 20 fish, 6 rods and 12 pieces of bait. Requires 40 AA alkaline batteries. Rental rechargeable battery available from ET. 

BIG 12-PLAYER GAME!! Big game includes 50 fish, 12 rods and 24 pieces of bait. Requires 80 AA alkaline batteries. Rental rechargeable battery available from ET. For ages 3 and above.

Note: This game rating has been lowered from Class "A" to Class "C" due to effort required to keep fish operating in pool. An additional 20% discount is automatically applied when you request to use it. However, no warranty or onsite EarthTraces staff assistance can be provided. These little fellas are quite finicky, but, lots of fun when everything is kept working.