Every day people invent new ways to have fun with Master Blaster. Below are a few. 

2-PERSON BLAST-OFF - Two people pump away to see who can be first to burst. A real crowd pleaser at special events!

4-PERSON BLAST-OFF (requires 2 sets) - Can be played as 4 people competing to win, OR, 2 teams play until one team bursts BOTH of its balloons. [Can be adapted for any number of games]

TAG TEAM BOOM RELAY - Two (or more) teams line up about 10 feet from the Master Blaster units. At the start each person runs to the Boom Detonator, pumps handle 5 times, runs back to tag the hand of the next person. This is repeated until the winning team bursts its balloon!

BOOM TIME COMPETITION - With one unit, contestants take turns trying to be the fastest to burst their balloon, based on a stopwatch.

BOOM THEME FACE-OFF - Create your own special balloons with themes or pictures that add excitement to a themed event. DRESS UP THE GAME - Imagine the balloon is an inflating "head". Dress the Boom Towers to appear like a bodies with arms, legs and clothing. Draw faces on the balloons (or use the game's special balloons with "Betty" and "Buddy" Master Blaster's faces), and race to see whose "head" pops first.

ONE LEG OF A BIG EVENT -- Create special events where contestants need to play a sequence of games faster. For example, race to bust a Master Blaster balloon, then run a potato sack race and finish with a frisbee toss through a hoop. Master Blaster works fine with any combination of games and activities.