UPDATED: 06/10/19

ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS HEREIN APPLY TO ANY USE OF AEG EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES. These policies shall be in addition to and not exclusive of other terms, conditions and policies in the AGREEMENT. AEG is the "PROVIDER"; the equipment renter and/or services user is the "USER". Definitions herein are as provided in the AGREEMENT between the parties.


USER is responsible for loss of use and correcting damage, disruptions and inconveniences caused by storms or weather, including wind blown rain, water bagging, overflowing gutters, gutter seams, surface and ground drainage and all other. No claim of improper, faulty or defective equipment installation shall be made or considered when weather is a factor in any way.

USER shall assure NO USE of outdoor rides, activities, equipment of tents during inclement weather or when lightning nearby.

Rides and activities shall have a Beaufort Wind Scale rating of less than 7 Tents shall have Beaufort Wind Scale rating of 8 in dry soil or 7 in damp soil. Saturated soil is rated 6. USER shall order "WIND KITS" for installation when potential for storms and/or winds exist. If proper WIND KITS installed and used, tent rating shall increase by 1 force rating in wet soil or 2 in dry soil. However, no tent shall be rated above 10 on the Beaufort Wind Scale. Users must vacate tent in the event of inclement weather.

Beaufort Force

Wind Speed



25–31 mph

Strong breeze


31–38 mph

Near gale


39–46 mph



47–54 mph

Strong gale


55–63 mph



64–72 mph

Violent storm


73 mph and over


Because wind can vary significantly between nearby locations, 10-MPH shall be added to the nearest National Weather Service recording station information when determining on site windspeed, unless an onsite recording anemometer is present (available for rent). Further, windspeed alone shall not be the determining factor in any tent failure. Anchoring location, tent strap angle, and anchor holding power must all be maintained within industry standards. Further, heavy instantaneous rain downpours can overwhelm a tent’s ability to shed water causing a condition called WATER BAGGING. If water accumulation/WATER BAGGING occurs, the USER is responsible for the water’s immediate removal (click HERE for information). WATER BAGGING voids all warranties. The USER shall have the insurances and/or damage waivers required by the contract terms to cover any loss, costs or damage due to any issue caused directly or indirectly by weather. In such cases, no claim of faulty or deficient installation shall be valid or reviewable.

Tent use is also subject to Safe Equipment Use Policy and Tent Quality Standards.