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While the coronavirus has upended the events business leaving the livelihoods of those of us working in it in doubt, we understand this is a time for all of us to come together to find solutions for a situation none of us have control over.

To help reduce your unknowns and stress over any upcoming event through August, Amerevent has modified its postponement policy to allow free alternative date exchanges in 2020. If your equipment needs change, you may change the items rented for a maximum $20 rebooking fee (standard item cancellation fees apply if your contract value decreases, but none if it stays the same or increases. Postponement dates through June of 2021 will also be available for a $75 rescheduling fee. Payments on your original contract must be kept current, they are not delayed by postponing, however we have arranged special monthly payment financing through our lender partners at 3/4% interest per month. A simple, 5-minute time payment agreement is all that is needed, just ask. Please check with your account manager before rescheduling to assure the date you want is available.

For cancellations, cancel fees are capped at 20% plus costs of any custom items or work already completed. A future event credit will be issued for any remaining balance and be useable through May 2021.

To postpone (or cancel) your event complete Form-CC (contract requirement, CLICK HERE). In the "PLACE LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS BELOW" section, include: "Postponed (Cancelled) per special CV19 policy". NOTE: If you move a non-peak season event to peak season (Sept 1 - Nov 15), peak season pricing will apply to your event (typically 10-15% additional).

For cash refunds or events after the end of August, our CDW waiver event insurance now also covers coronavirus cancellations but still must be puchased 45-days or more in advance. The underwriter may accept or deny any application. CDW insurance caps cancel fees at 20% (plus costs of any custom items or work already completed). CDW waiver cost is given at the bottom of your contract's line item page.



These special CV19 (coronavirus) policies do not apply to contracts in default, past due or otherwise in violation of agreement terms.

So now, you have Amerevent’s 120% BEST GUARANTEE and you can be WORRY-FREE about what to do if something unexpected happens. With 6-times the inventory of others, more locations and more staff than others --- you can TRUST what you want to be available, right and ready when you need it.

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Thanks for working with Amerevent.

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